Here are the condensed blurbs of my novels.
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Taryn Kimble is a single mother trying desperately to find employment and keep her twin girls from being taken by her vindictive father-in-law, Mac.

Michael Vande-xx, whom she befriended while on vacation in Florida, shows up at her doorstep one morning for a visit, but soon offers the only way out--Marriage!

She agrees to the union, but not the emotional entanglement that comes with it: love, passion, and the desire to share not only his bed, but his heart--completely.
Leslie Dixon has just been given a very long vacation while her boss recuperates from a heart attack.

Home--the thought evokes a smile because it will mean quality time spent with her grandmother, Daisy. But her smile fades when the image of Jonas McClure, her childhood friend, appears from deep within.

Will she be able to keep her true feelings for him hidden behind their competitive friendship?

Will her new steady, loyal, dependable Kal, be enough to keep him at arm's length?
Gracie Allen Jenkins agrees to marry her boss so he can receive his inheritance. The arrangement will benefit her as well. Her dream of opening her own bakery, Sugar And Spice, will now be a reality with the  money she'll receive in the end.

But her feelings for him goes beyond being his assistant. Will she be able to keep her love for him hidden as she plays the role of her life day-to-day  on a Canadian island surrounded by his ever watchful family?
Piper Banion escapes her life with an abusive mother, only to run straight into the path of a serial killer.

It seems someone is killing     the women she comes into contact with. Will she be able to figure out who it is before another  victim is found?
Hailey Campbell is content with a life of solitude. She's long resigned to the fact that there's no such thing as a "soul mate", the "man of your dreams". But all that is changed forever when she meets the most beautiful man named Manley at an expensive gala. On that night, the meaning of true love is made clear.

But there's a challenge waiting for Hailey in Sweet Tea, Mississippi. And if she doesn't get to the Ransom Militia compound in time to rescue her best friend's young daughter, she'll lose her behind those thick walls protected by the first amendment and never see her again.
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