Welcome to my EverAfter Romance e-books and novels. It's my desire that EverAfter takes you into a world where passion and romance forms right before your eyes into the tight body and seductive gaze of the hero in your dreams. I write about that rare true love that comes only once in a lifetime.
  You may not be the world's view of "perfect" (size 2, supermodel material) but from the moment he looked up and laid eyes on you, he knew there was no turning back; No other woman, no matter how beautiful, can tempt betrayal.
   My stories convey the traditional ideals of love, marriage, and family; Amid all the obstacles and problems that try to hinder the characters' realization of their feelings for one another, true love will always win in the end.
   Although there is plenty of passion and romance between my characters, these stories are not shockingly graphic. The art of true love deals with matters of the heart, not below the belt. (Only my married couples make love) Readers have good imaginations, let them use it. If you enjoy themes of graphic, baseless sex, bed-hopping, and one night stands,then my books are not for you. 
   I hope my characters entertain and entice you to come back for the next love story and the next. Until you find Mr. Right in the real world, he'll always be waiting for you on the pages of EverAfter. Feel free to contact me, I'd love to know what you think.
   Now sit back, escape, and enjoy the journey. Come on--he's waiting for you.

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